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At Jodhpur Cabs, we pride ourselves on offering exclusive helicopter services for Kedarnath, ensuring a seamless pilgrimage experience for our guests. We handle all ticket bookings directly from official government websites, guaranteeing reliability and authenticity.

Special Offer: For guests who have booked our Char Dham Yatra package or Kedarnath Tour Package, our service charges are zero percent! It’s our way of enhancing your spiritual journey without any additional costs.

Service Charges: For guests seeking only confirmed helicopter tickets for Kedarnath, we charge a nominal 5% service fee. Rest assured, our focus remains on providing exceptional service and convenience.

Important Details:

  • Government Price: We ensure transparency by adhering to government-set prices for helicopter services to Kedarnath.
  • Timings: Plan your journey efficiently with details on timings for helicopter services.
  • Helipads: Discover the names of the helipads facilitating your smooth transition to Kedarnath.
  • Official Flight Operators: We work with reputed flight operators to ensure your safety and comfort during the journey.

For further inquiries and bookings, feel free to contact our dedicated manager, Mr. Jogendra Bhati, at any time. Let us guide you on this spiritual voyage to Kedarnath, where divinity meets tranquility.

Contact: Mr. Jogendra Bhati

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FAQs: Kedarnath Helicopter Service

1. When does the helicopter service for Kedarnath start?

  • Answer: The helicopter service begins from 27th November 2024, coinciding with the opening date of Kedarnath Dham and Badrinath Dham.

2. What is the refund/cancellation policy for helicopter tickets to Kedarnath?

  • Answer: Jodhpur Cabs follows the cancellation policy recommended by Uttarakhand tourism. Detailed information can be found at heliservices.uk.gov.in.

3. What is the age limit for the helicopter ride to Kedarnath?

  • Answer: Children above 2 years require a confirmed seat, while children below 2 years can travel for free. Additionally, there is a weight limit, and extra charges apply for individuals weighing above 80 kg (Rs 150 per kg).

4. How much luggage can I carry in the helicopter?

  • Answer: Passengers are allowed one bag or luggage weighing up to 2 kg. Additional luggage is not permitted due to security reasons.

5. Will I receive priority darshan if I book a helicopter service for Kedarnath?

  • Answer: Yes, priority darshan is provided, but passengers must purchase a ticket issued by the Shri Badarinath Kedarnath Temple Committee. This ticket is mandatory for same-day return travelers.

For further insights on planning your Kedarnath Dham Yatra, refer to our guide on the Route Map of Kedarnath Dham.

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Kedarnath Helicopter Fare for 2024/25 Season

Guptkashi Helipad to Kedarnath Dham Helicopter Service:
  • One-way fare per person: Rs 4000
  • Round trip fare per person: Rs 8000
Phata Helipad to Kedarnath Helicopter Service:
  • One-way fare per person: Rs 2500
  • Round trip fare per person: Rs 4800
Sersi Helipad to Kedarnath Helicopter Service:
  • One-way fare per person: Rs 2500
  • Round trip fare per person: Rs 4700