Top 10 River Rafting Destinations in India For Your Trip

top 10 places for river rafting in india, river rafting in india

10 Thrilling Destinations for River Rafting in India

Here’s a list of some of the top destinations where you and your adventure-loving friends can experience exhilarating river rafting in India:

S.No Name of the destination
1 Rishikesh, Uttarakhand
2 Zanskar River, Ladakh
3 Tons River, Uttarakhand
4 Teesta River, Sikkim
5 Beas River, Himachal Pradesh
6 Brahmaputra River, Arunachal Pradesh
7 Barapole River, Karnataka
8 Kali River, Karnataka
9 Kundalika River, Maharashtra
10 Indus River, Ladakh

Types of River Rafting

1. Beginner’s Delight:

For those new to river rafting or seeking a more relaxed experience, Jodhpur Cabs provides beginner-friendly rafting. These trips navigate rivers with gentle currents, offering a chance to acquaint oneself with the basics of rafting while enjoying the scenic beauty.

2. Family-Friendly Rafting:

Ideal for families with children or those preferring a milder adventure, family-friendly rafting by Jodhpur Cabs ensures a safe and enjoyable experience. These trips explore calmer sections of rivers, perfect for all ages.

3. Intermediate Rapids:

Offering a step-up from the beginner level, intermediate rafting involves navigating moderate rapids. Jodhpur Cabs provides trips tailored for those seeking a more thrilling experience without the extremity of advanced rapids.

4. Adrenaline Rush – Advanced Rafting:

For the seasoned adventurers and thrill-seekers, Jodhpur Cabs offers advanced rafting experiences. These trips tackle challenging rapids, promising an adrenaline rush amidst the excitement of navigating more turbulent waters.

5. Multi-Day Expeditions:

For a comprehensive rafting adventure, Jodhpur Cabs organizes multi-day expeditions. These journeys span several days, exploring various sections of rivers, allowing participants to immerse themselves fully in the adventure.

6. White-Water Rafting:

White-water rafting enthusiasts can rejoice with specialized trips offered by Jodhpur Cabs. These expeditions delve into rivers with intense, frothing rapids, ensuring an electrifying and heart-pounding adventure.

7. Night Rafting:

For a unique twist, Jodhpur Cabs organizes night rafting experiences. Under the veil of darkness, participants navigate the river illuminated by moonlight or specialized lighting, providing a thrilling and unconventional adventure.

8. Team-Building Rafting:

Tailored for corporate groups or teams, Jodhpur Cabs offers team-building rafting experiences. These trips focus on cooperation, communication, and teamwork, utilizing rafting as a platform for fostering camaraderie.

9. Customized Rafting Packages:

Understanding the diverse preferences of adventurers, Jodhpur Cabs provides customized rafting packages. These personalized offerings cater to specific requirements, ensuring a tailored and memorable experience.

10. Combined Adventures:

To maximize the thrill, Jodhpur Cabs crafts combined adventure packages. These include a blend of activities such as rafting, camping, hiking, or other outdoor pursuits, promising a comprehensive adventure experience.

Top 10 Places For River Rafting in India

1. Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

top 10 places for river rafting in india, river rafting in india, rishikesh, uttarakhand

  • River: Ganges (Ganga)
  • Grade: Beginner to Advanced
  • Highlights: Known as the ‘Rafting Capital of India,’ Rishikesh offers various stretches of the Ganges River suitable for beginners and seasoned rafters alike.

2. Zanskar River, Ladakh

zanskar river ladakh, river rafting in india, jodhpur cabs

  • River: Zanskar
  • Grade: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Highlights: A multi-day expedition through deep gorges and breathtaking landscapes, Zanskar River’s challenging rapids are a treat for adventure enthusiasts.

3. Tons River, Uttarakhand

tons river uttarankhand, river rafting in india

  • River: Tons
  • Grade: Advanced
  • Highlights: Tons River presents one of India’s most challenging rafting experiences with its thrilling rapids and pristine surroundings.

4. Teesta River, Sikkim

teesta river sikkim, river rafting in india,

  • River: Teesta
  • Grade: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Highlights: Teesta River’s moderate rapids offer a blend of scenic beauty and excitement, suitable for beginners and families.

5. Beas River, Himachal Pradesh

beas river rafting, river rafting in india,

  • River: Beas
  • Grade: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Highlights: Ideal for beginners, the Beas River near Kullu-Manali provides a fun-filled rafting experience amidst beautiful landscapes.

6. Brahmaputra River, Arunachal Pradesh

brahmaputra river arunachal pardesh, river rafting in india,

  • River: Brahmaputra
  • Grade: Advanced
  • Highlights: An expedition-style rafting on the Brahmaputra offers seasoned rafters a challenging adventure through remote and stunning landscapes.

7. Barapole River, Karnataka

barapole river, river rafting in india,

  • River: Barapole
  • Grade: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Highlights: Nestled in the Western Ghats, Barapole River provides thrilling rapids amidst lush greenery, making it a top choice in South India.

8. Kali River, Karnataka

kali river karnataka, river rafting in india

  • River: Kali
  • Grade: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Highlights: Rafting on the Kali River offers a thrilling experience amidst the dense forests of the Western Ghats.

9. Kundalika River, Maharashtra

kundalika river maharastra, river rafting in india,

  • River: Kundalika
  • Grade: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Highlights: Close to Mumbai and Pune, Kundalika River is perfect for a day trip with its enjoyable rapids suitable for beginners.

10. Indus River, Ladakh

indus river ladakh, river rafting in india

  • River: Indus
  • Grade: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Highlights: The gentle rapids of the Indus River coupled with the stunning Ladakhi landscape offer a unique rafting experience.


India’s diverse terrain offers a myriad of river rafting experiences, catering to beginners seeking a fun outing to seasoned adventurers looking for adrenaline-pumping challenges. With stunning landscapes, varying grades of rapids, and an array of destinations across the country, river rafting in India promises an unforgettable thrill for every adventure-hungry soul.


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