Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur: A Majestic Oasis in the Thar Desert

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Nestled amidst the golden sands of the Thar Desert, Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur stands as a testament to opulence, heritage, and regality. This magnificent palace, a symbol of royal extravagance, holds a significant place in the heart of Rajasthan’s cultural and architectural landscape. In this blog, let’s embark on a journey to discover the grandeur of Umaid Bhawan Palace, a jewel in Jodhpur’s crown.

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Information About Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur

Aspect Details
Location Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India
Architecture Indo-Saracenic, Art Deco
Built 1928-1943
Purpose Royal residence, now a luxury hotel
Ownership Partly owned by the Taj Hotels
Accommodations 64 rooms and suites
Notable Features – World’s sixth-largest private residence
– Set amidst 26 acres of lush gardens
– Divided into three functional parts: the royal
residence, a museum showcasing the royal heritage,
and the Taj Palace Hotel
Amenities – Outdoor pool, spa, fitness center
Dining – Risala (Indian and Continental cuisine)
– Pillars (all-day dining)
– Sunset Pavilion (panoramic views)
Special Events Weddings, corporate events, cultural programs
Recognition – Named the Best Hotel in the World by TripAdvisor in
– Heritage Award for Best Palace Hotel by Taj Hotels

History and Architecture:

Commissioned by Maharaja Umaid Singh and built between 1928 and 1943, Umaid Bhawan Palace is an architectural marvel that seamlessly blends Western and Eastern influences. Designed by renowned architect Henry Lanchester, the palace is a perfect fusion of the Art Deco style of the 20th century and traditional Indian elements. The sprawling estate covers 26 acres, making it one of the largest private residences in the world.

The palace serves a triple purpose – a residence for the royal family, a luxury hotel managed by the Taj Group, and a museum showcasing the rich history of the Rathore dynasty. The intricate detailing, imposing domes, and the imposing 105-foot high cupola make Umaid Bhawan Palace an emblem of grandeur and sophistication.

The Royal Residence:

Even today, Umaid Bhawan Palace remains the residence of the Jodhpur royal family. A portion of the palace is accessible to the public, allowing visitors to witness the royal lifestyle and marvel at the lavish interiors. The museum section exhibits an exquisite collection of vintage cars, artifacts, and memorabilia that provide a glimpse into the bygone era of princely Rajasthan.

Luxurious Accommodations:

For those seeking a royal experience, Umaid Bhawan Palace offers luxurious accommodations managed by the Taj Group. Guests can immerse themselves in regal opulence while enjoying modern amenities and world-class hospitality. The palace’s lavish suites and rooms provide an unmatched blend of comfort and splendor, making every stay a memorable experience.

Majestic Gardens and Views:

The palace is surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens that add to its charm. Visitors can stroll through the lush greenery, relishing the tranquility and catching panoramic views of Jodhpur city and the Mehrangarh Fort. The vast expanse of the estate ensures a serene and peaceful retreat, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Cultural Experiences:

Umaid Bhawan Palace hosts cultural events and activities, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the rich heritage of Rajasthan. From traditional Rajasthani music and dance performances to curated culinary experiences, the palace offers a glimpse into the vibrant culture that defines the region.


Umaid Bhawan Palace stands as a living testament to the rich history, architectural brilliance, and regal lifestyle of the Rathore dynasty. Whether you’re a history buff, a connoisseur of architecture, or someone seeking a taste of royal living, a visit to Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur promises an enchanting and unforgettable experience. Explore the grandeur of this majestic oasis in the Thar Desert and let the echoes of history resonate through every corridor of this royal abode.

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